25 April 2018CE | 10 Shaban 1439AH



   About Us

Radio Reality operates short term licences for Islamic occasions such as Ramadan and Hajj, during which we strive to bring fresh invigorating programmes for Muslims and Non-Muslims of all ages related to the level of heightened spirituality. Whenever a broadcasting licence is available, we hope to broadcast on air permanently.

It is a truly pluralistic Islamic radio station, mainstream and orthodox, but not restricted to a particular grouping or school of thought. It transcends sectarian boundaries, encouraging brotherhood and respect of differences of opinion.

The programme content promises to be lively with many prominent personalities already booked for interviews, discussions, lectures, reports, with opportunities for phone-ins and sessions to allow listeners to ask questions to scholars ranging across different opinions and schools of thought.

Not only is the content aimed at educating the Muslim community about their religion and how to follow it, but it also addresses infrastructure of the Muslim community and how to integrate and develop our community and work with the local authority to create a harmonious and pleasant society.

Locally, we enjoy the support of the community leaders, the local Mosques, our local Councillors and other activists. Whatever the lifestyle, we hope to have something for everyone, and thus expect our listener levels to be in the thousands.