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Click on the link below which should open a simple player in a separate window

Browser Listener

A Different Browser Listener

Didn't work? Try the next step.


Please check that your firewall is not blocking the input stream.

Didn't work? Try the next step.

Internet Browsers

Some problems may be caused by the Internet Browser you are using, especially with older versions of firefox and internet explorer. If you are using Internet explorer, please try installing Mozilla Firefox (free software). If you are using Mozilla firefox, try using inetrnet explorer instead.

Your problem may also be cause by not having the correct plug-in installed. you can download and install the plugins for firfox from here.

Didn't work? Try the next step.

Different Players

If that has not worked click on the links below which would download a file to your computer called listen.pls. You will be asked whether you would like to open the file or save to disk. It is better to save it to your desktop.

Listen w/ WinampWinamp Listen w/ RealplayerReal Listen w/ Media PlayerMedia Listen w/ Quicktime Quicktime

Then click on the file to play it with any of the applications

If none of the applications work, then you can download a simple free player called vlc from here ( or for other operating systems, from here). Install it and use it to play the listen.pls file.

You can also try downloading players if your browser does not support them, like:

Windows Media Player

Winamp Player

Download, install, restart and see if you can listen.

   Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still having problems, please contact us through our contact page.